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"Underwear is the garment closest to the soul."

With six years in the market, Soul Intimates has managed to position itself as a sophisticated, sensual and romantic brand for the woman who seeks to feel safe on the inside to shine on the outside.

Its creators, Susana Hoyos and Valeria Lotero, decided to start this project as part of a personal transformation process. Both were going through difficult times in their lives, so they decided to join forces to give life to Soul Intimates, a journey through the tastes of a determined, brave and passionate woman, who loves her loved ones, but above anyone else, she she loves herself, she does not doubt her abilities, her potential and the security that her inner light connects with the outer world.

The designs seek to highlight beauty beyond stereotypes, providing security and self-acceptance to its consumers, with silhouettes that adapt to different bodies, where comfort is a determining factor.